Celine Wong Katzman


Make Pictures: Casey Reas and
Jeffrey Alan Scudder in Conversation

March 24, 2018

I organized a conversation between artists Casey Reas and Jeffrey Alan Scudder at bitforms gallery. The artists will explore the intersecting histories of drawing, animation and coding systems. In addition to highlighting notable crossovers from computation, cinema, painting, and music, they'll be demonstrating a few of their own works from recent years, with ample time for discussion and questions from the audience.

This presentation is a part of Make Pictures, a collaborative pop-up exhibition that I facilitated between bitforms gallery and GIPHY Arts. Make Pictures features four web-based drawing and animation tools commissioned by GIPHY Arts: Sketch Machine by Casey Reas, Extinctr by Harm van den Dorpel, Eyemall by Withering Systems, and Boopy by Andrew Benson.

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Artist Profile: Diane Zhou

May 31, 2017

Artist Diane Zhou grew up in New Jersey and currently lives and works in Beijing and New York. Through a variety of media, her work explores the complexity of Chinese identity (both across diasporic populations as well as mainland China) through playful engagement with cultural artifacts such as bubble tea. I asked her about surfing the Chinese internet, her GIF-making process, and anime in contemporary art, and she answered in both text and GIF.

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Artist Profile: Anthony Antonellis

February 7, 2017

Artist Anthony Antonellis playfully engages with network culture and investigates its relationship to IRL phenomena such as institutions, bodies, and physical objects. I asked him about his personal archival practices, GIF art preservation advocacy, and feelings on surgically integrating technology into his body.

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